A Role Playing Experience Designed to Anchor Self-Guidance (The Inner Father) through Gamified integration into your Everyday Life

Can you hear me?

It's me.  The  voice of your inner guidance.

The Father You've always needed.

I'm trying to help you, but you're not paying attention.

I'm trying to show you the way, but you're not listening.

You're making the other stuff so important.

The approval of your friends, your parents, your lover.

Money, politics, day to day living.

Of course it all matters, but nothing matters more than me.

You say you're busy searching for the truth?

I'm you. I am the truth.

How much longer are you going to let your prayers go unanswered?

How much longer are you going to maintain bullshit standards?

How much longer are you willing to hold back your soul's magic?

Yes. You know the time has come. Let's do this.

Do you question yourself into oblivion?
Question your path?
Wonder what to do next?

Wanting to make your life better but always feeling like you need support to do so?

Many of us were not Fathered in a an empowering way. We may have been babied and treated like we were incapable.

We may have been ignored, abused neglected. Or our father may have been absent completely.

And so it's no surprise that as adults our Inner Father is a dud. We feel aimless, hopeless, afraid.

The Father Field is an 8 week story based role playing course designed to anchor our inner authority. The Inner Guide who knows just what to do and has the willpower to pull it off. The creator, the manifestor, the genius.

Presented and Facilitated by

Taia Dzyan

Joshua Falcon-Grey

Taia and Joshua are experts in helping you to anchor an inner sense of authority. Your inner knowing.

Pointing you to the guidance you've always been looking for, so you no longer need to depend on others for the answers.

(This program is not gender dependent - it is for everybody)

The 8 Week Schedule

Week 1
Class Topic:
Divine Guidance and the difference between Willpower vs Human Willpower/Strategy

Week 2
The Story Blueprint: Introduction to the Characters + The Co-Created Inciting Incident of the Story

Week 3

Class Topic:
Accelerating our evolution through embracing the Drama we're Secretly Craving

Week 4

Act 1:
Characters organize themselves into teams, based on their conditioned roles and worst case scenarios. Act One Unfolds.

Week 5

Class Topic:

The Art and Science of True Identity Shifting  

Week 6

Act 2:

The story moves from one worldview to another, shifting character identities and modes of expression. Allowing for a more empowered perspective.

Week 7

Class Topic:
Anchoring Royalty Codes and Experiencing New Relational Dynamics

Week 8

Act 3:

The characters' new perspectives are anchored into their new lives. New habits are put into practice and a complete resolution of drama occurs.  

We will provide:
*4 Soul Embodiment Education Classes
*Divine Willpower and Authority Connection Techniques

*4 Online Group Story Based Healing Experiences
*2 x Intuitive 1 on 1 Guidance Sessions, One Custom Session with Each Facilitator
*Powerful Group Role Playing Experiences
*Epic Homework Assignments
*Accountability Buddies
*Progress Tracking
*Opportunities to demonstrate your offerings through the ActivatorLIVE platform
*1 Year Participant Level ActivatorLIVE Platform membership
*Program Attendee Discounts on various other ActivatorLIVE services
*Voucher for First Edition "True Participation" book (About Life Purpose)
*8 Weeks of email support
*Guided Meditation MP3s

Ready to dive into the deep end?
This powerful experience begins January 1st, 2019

Early Bird
(before Dec. 1st):

Regular Bird
(after Dec 1st):

Split into 3 Monthly Payments:
3 x $444

Optional VIP Add-Ons


*2 x Additional 1 on 1 sessions

(Taia and/or Joshua)


*1 on 1 quantum hypnosis session (with Taia)


*Guided connection session with accountability partner (Taia or Joshua)


*1 on 1 Soul Alignment Session (with Joshua)

Expand Your Brand

*Soul Powered Business Branding

(with Joshua)

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