The new GOLD standard in Energetic Clearing, Healing, and Deep Soul Activations

We give you access to the world's most tapped in, potent, expert healers. We have designed the ultimate curated Activation package for serious personal development seekers.

Educational Foundation

*Each month begins with a 2 hour educational coaching session with Joshua, outlining the goals and providing a framework for the upcoming month.

12 Sessions in Total

*After that, you'll receive 2 x 2 hour Activations with Joshua per month and one monthly session from a specially curated guest Activator intuitively chosen as a match for you. This lasts for 3 months, one whole season commitment. 

Curated Staff

*Depending on our goals and your needs...we will co-create an activation plan for you. It may be best for you to dive deeper with the same person every session, and we may bring in additional activators as needed.

Full Time Access
*Because this is GOLD level service, we provide ongoing unlimited coaching via voice messaging during the 3 month journey (via WhatsApp or another voice messaging system)

Results Oriented

*This is intended and designed to provide you with tangible life changes. We help you track your Progress from beginning to end!

Shatter the Old Ways

*You'll never be the same after this!

$3333/Month or $8888 Upfront

Apply Now!

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